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    A new evolution of the microphone using MEMS technology to achieve an unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio.

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Vesper was founded to commercialize a revolutionary approach to MEMS microphones developed by co-founders Bobby Littrell and Karl Grosh at the University of Michigan. This superior microphone design aims to bring studio quality acoustics into handheld devices. 


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Vesper’s novel piezoelectric transducer design achieves unparalleled acoustic performance. Because piezoelectric structures only require a single active membrane layer, they are not affected by squeeze film damping, the dominant noise source in capacitive microphones. Our structures deliver higher SNR, better matching and a rugged waterproof ultra-small form factor.

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Our founders, Bobby Littrell and Karl Grosh, are the recognized thought leaders in piezoelectric microphone design. They have partnered with experienced industry executives Matt Crowley, Craig Core and James Jeong to commercialize this disruptive design in the most demanding and highest volume market segments.

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Vesper is funded by leading venture fund Atlas Venture and strategic investors in the MEMS microphone industry. For all press inquiries please contact Matt Crowley.

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