Wake-on-Sound Piezoelectric MEMS Microphone

Wake battery-powered devices from sleep at practically zero power.


Battery-powered electronic devices are everywhere. They’re the TV remotes in the living room, the smart speakers in the study and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices all throughout the house. The problem is that consumers still need to activate them using touch. Turning on the TV to watch a favorite Netflix show or initiating Spotify on a battery-powered smart speaker still requires consumers to walk across a room to push a button. This tethered-to-touch experience is about to go the way of VHS tapes.

Vesper MEMS VM1010

Vesper’s VM1010, the first wake-on sound MEMS microphone for consumer electronics, will bring voice activation to battery-powered devices of all kinds. Drawing a scant 10 µA of current while in listening mode, Vesper’s newest piezoelectric MEMS microphone — VM1010 — is the only device that uses sound energy itself to wake a system from full power-down.

Even when fully powered-off, batteries in smartphones and smart speakers naturally dissipate ~50uA, which is far more current than VM1010 needs. This means that there is no difference in battery-life for a system using VM1010 in listening mode and a fully powered-down conventional system.

VM1010 features a programmable loudness threshold , allowing voice activation to be customized for the desired distance and level of background noise. When the environment is quiet, the system can enter the low-power “wake-on-sound” mode and bring battery drain to a virtual halt.

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Robust and Reliable

As the industry’s first piezoelectric MEMS microphone, VM1010 is the most robust and reliable MEMS microphone for consumer products.

It is waterproof, dustproof, particle-resistant and shockproof so you can immerse it in water, bathe it in dust, expose it to particulate matter or drop it on the ground, and it keeps working properly. It’s a microphone on which you can depend. And although your customers won’t recognize it with their bare eyes, they will appreciate it with their ears.


  • Industry’s lowest-power wake-up
  • Programmable voice zone
  • Single-ended analog output
  • Bottom-port
  • Dust-proof piezoelectric MEMS construction


  • Current Consumption: ∼ 10 uA in “wake-on-sound” mode and 85 uA in normal mode
  • Small size: 3.76 mm X 2.95 mm X 1.3 mm package


Get the VM1010 Development Platform

Vesper now offers a turnkey development platform that boasts the lowest overall power consumption for far-field always-listening voice interfaces. The development platform is a turnkey solution that integrates VM1010 with DSP Group’s DBMD6, an ultra-low-power, always-on voice and audio processor based on Sensory’s Truly Handsfree™ voice control embedded algorithms. The platform gives developers the ability to initiate voice processing through Sensory’s wake-up word technology, which ensures that only a specific trigger word activates the device.

The VM1010-DSPG- Sensory Development Platform is available via a special invitation-only program. Apply for Vesper’s VM1010 Development Platform.

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