The World’s Most Advanced Acoustic Sensors

MEMS Microphones for the Voice-Powered Future.

Vesper uses piezoelectric materials to create the most reliable and advanced MEMS microphones on the market. This is a major leap over the capacitive MEMS microphones that have dominated the market for over a decade.

See the Difference

Vesper offers the first MEMS microphones that withstand real-world use in smartphones and other connected devices. Vesper’s are the only MEMS microphones rugged enough to withstand water, dust and particle contaminants.


Vesper and the VM1010 have received numerous awards and recognitions for innovation in ultra-rugged, high-performance MEMS microphones that won’t drain the battery.

Read more about the VM1010 – Vesper’s first ZeroPowerListening piezoelectric MEMS microphone

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Case Study: Ultra-Low Power Meets Wake Word Detection Performance with Vesper’s ZeroPower Listening™ (ZPL)

Always-on, always-listening solutions expand their user base into hearables and headsets this year with Amazon Echo Buds and Apple AirPods Pro, shaping the market for rapid growth.   Battery life is a key concern for these tiny battery-operated designs that are constantly listening for wake words such as ‘Alexa’ or ‘Hey Siri.’ Consumers want longer […]

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