• Vesper’s Disruptive PEBL MEMS Technology

    The world’s first piezoelectric MEMS process that enables multiple MEMS products on a single MEMS process flow

    Disruptive piezo MEMS technology to achieve leadership in
    performance, size and power

  • VesperAI Machine Learning Sensor Core to enable your next intelligent object.

  • Edge Processing

    Contextual Awareness

    Intelligent Node

  • OnePlusOne


    Sense your vibrant voice

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Smart Home

Vesper is positioned at the forefront of growth in Smart Home Technology.

Vesper’s Adaptive microphones have made it possible to produce portable devices which are always-listening, and also have very long battery life. Our technology makes Smart Home devices more accessible through direct voice commands. No more buttons, just ask.

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The Home Security market has embraced Vesper’s technology. We make it possible to create always-listening security devices which run for months or years on a single battery charge.

All the always listening security devices can rely on Vesper’s Adaptive ZERO POWER LISTENING™ technology to dramatically increase battery life while in detection mode.

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Safety – COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most challenging public health crisis in a century which is impacting lives all over the globe. At Vesper, the health and safety of our employees, partners  and their families is our top priority.

We think that hygienic voice operated systems, immersive virtual reality and medical wearables are just three areas where we can help prepare the world for inevitable future outbreaks. Our team is already brainstorming new ideas such as acoustic respiratory health monitors and wearables that can continuously monitor body temperature.

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Vesper’s high-quality voice accelerometers and microphones allow for superior voice pickup. They hear your voice and filter out all background sounds.

This improves security, simplifies industrial design, cuts cost, and reduces time-to-market.

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Mobile Phone

Vesper’s technology enables new features for the next generation of mobile phones.

Vesper’s unique Piezoelectric MEMS technology is bringing improved microphone quality, much higher robustness, and other exciting new features to the mobile phone market.

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Portable Devices

‘Always On’ and On The Go’ devices rely heavily on battery management and robustness, as they are in constant use in a variety of harsh environments.

Vesper’s Adaptive ZERO POWER Listening™ enables a new frontier of portable products with ‘Always On’ enhanced voice user interface to simplify our lives.

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