Vesper Microphones Power Smart Home Fire Safety Device, LifeDoor

Posted: January 07, 2020

BOSTONJan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vesper, a leading provider of intelligent sensors, today announced that its ZeroPower Listening™ microphones were chosen to bring extended battery life and durability to the lifesaving fire safety devices from LifeDoor. Founded and funded by firefighters, LifeDoor has pioneered an entirely new class of home safety product that protects people and property in the event of a fire. The brands will demonstrate the technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place in Las Vegas this week.

Triggered by the sound of a smoke alarm, LifeDoor’s smart sensing technology automatically closes a home’s interior doors in the event of a fire to prevent it from spreading. The device also lights up the room and sounds a secondary alarm to alert occupants. Vesper’s microphones register the sound of the smoke detector, prompting the door closure. The door is then easily reopened if that’s the safest way to exit the home.

“Vesper’s ZeroPower Listening™ technology has enabled an entirely new class of smart home products that use audio event detection in battery powered devices,” said Vesper CEO Matt Crowley. “Embedding Vesper’s ZeroPower Listening™ microphones in an innovative device like LifeDoor’s literally saves lives. We are proud to support the founders of LifeDoor in this important mission.”

“80% of children sleep through a smoke alarm,” said LifeDoor Co-Founder and Firefighter, Joel Sellinger. “LifeDoor automatically closes bedroom doors when triggered by the sound of a smoke alarm, protecting the family. Unfortunately, house fires are increasing in frequency and spread 600% faster today as compared to 40 years ago. Ten years of research by the Underwriters Laboratories Firefighters Safety Research Institute shows that fire is getting faster and that a closed door makes a 900-degree difference. We’re committed to utilizing the most advanced and robust technology available to develop disruptive products that decrease fire danger in entirely new ways.”

Vesper is the leader in piezoelectric MEMS technology and has developed the market’s most reliable and intelligent sensors and MEMS microphones. Using the piezoelectric effect, Vesper microphones can use sound to activate devices from a deep sleep mode that uses virtually zero power.

Backed by Amazon Alexa Fund, Vesper’s microphones solve a critical need for stable, reliable and long-lasting microphone arrays that operate in environmentally harsh surroundings. All Vesper microphones are natively immune to environmental contaminants such as dust, water, moisture, oil and particles.

About Vesper
Vesper is a privately held advanced sensor company based in Boston, Mass. With origins at the University of Michigan, Vesper’s award-winning microphones are driving a new era of pervasive voice interfaces and acoustic event-detection products via a proprietary piezoelectric MEMS technology. For more information, visit, the Vesper Blog or follow on Twitter and YouTube.

About LifeDoor
LifeDoor is an innovative technology that protects people and property in the event of a fire.
Triggered by the sound of a smoke alarm, LifeDoor automatically closes the door it’s mounted on, lights up the room and sounds an alarm. Founded and funded by firefighters, LifeDoor will help people everywhere, SLEEP SAFELY™. For more information, visit

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