Bone Conductor Sensor – Analog Piezoelectric MEMS Voice Accelerometer with Hardware Voice Activity Detection (HVAD)


VA1210 Is the World’s 1st Analog Piezoelectric MEMS Voice Accelerometer with ZeroPower Sensing

The VA1210 is the world’s first piezoelectric MEMS voice accelerometer with ZeroPower Sensing. The VA1210 can be used to pick up the wearer’s own voice through bone conduction. Using the VA1210 voice accelerometer in conjunction with standard microphones, the application can achieve superior environmental noise cancellation (ENC) during calls. The VA1210 offers HVAD (Hardware Voice Activity Detection) to offload the system from demanding algorithms using high power. The ZeroPower Sensing feature of the VA1210 can enable a system to continuously monitor a user’s voice (vibration signature) when the system is in sleep mode thus reducing overall system power

The VA1210 has an ultra-small 2.9 mm X 2.76 mm X 0.9 mm package and is solder reflow compatible with no sensitivity degradation. It operates in environmentally harsh surroundings because it is dust and moisture resistant. 

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High Acoustic Performance

Today, many of us are  working remotely. Our days are filled with conference calls — and the quality of these calls is more important than ever. Unfortunately, the technology hasn’t kept up – we forget to mute our microphones when not talking during a conference call, we call others in windy or high noise conditions and are hard to be understood, but our voice communication devices are not helping

VA1210 resolves these common issues

What if you could put on your earbuds and not have to worry about muting yourself because of high background noise?

No passing cars, no wind, no domestic commotion. Just high quality voice with no ambient sound. Vesper Voice Accelerometer does just that.


Hardware Voice Activity Detection

The VA1210 has HVAD to drastically reduce system power consumption

  • Easy to integrate
  • Power Consumption is only 10uA
  • Protect privacy and improve security

Target Applications

VA1210 helps to boost high quality voice call by suppressing environmental noises on the following applications:

  • TWS (True Wireless Stereo)
  • VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality) devices
  • Smart-frames and Smart-glasses
  • Surface contact microphone in IoT
  • Conference call headsets



    Recording only with 1 Microphone




Recording only with 1 Microphone + VA

Technical Specifications

VA1210 is first world’s Analog Piezoelectric MEMS Voice Accelerometer with built-in VAD


  • MEMS Bone Sensor with superior background and wind noise reduction
  • Small Footprint – 2.9mm x 2.76 mm x 0.9mm
  • Wide Frequency Bandwidth for user voice pickup
  • Dual Ended Analog Output
  • Low Power (105uA Normal Mode)
  • ZeroPower Sensing (10uA)
  • HVAD/WoV configurable with I2C
  • Robust to Mechanical Shock
  • Support Vesper OnePlusOne architecture