VA1200 - Voice Accelerometer


Bone Conductor Sensor – Analog Piezoelectric MEMS Voice Accelerometer


VA1200 is the world’s first Analog Piezoelectric MEMS Voice Accelerometer

The VA1200 is the world’s first piezoelectric MEMS voice accelerometer. The VA1200 can be used to pick up the wearer’s own voice through bone conduction. Using the VA1200 voice accelerometer in conjunction with a standard microphone, the application can achieve superior background and wind noise reduction. 

The VA1200 has an ultra-small 2.9 mm X 2.76 mm X 0.9 mm package and is solder reflow compatible with no sensitivity degradation. It operates in environmentally harsh surroundings because it is dust and moisture resistant. 

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Bone Sensor – The Theory

When you talk, your voice spreads through the air as sound, and inside your skull as vibration.

Through earbuds, a bone conductor sensor picks up your voice vibration, and unlike a traditional microphone, automatically filters out all ambient noise.

User cases

Today, we’re all working remotely. Our days are filled with conference calls — and the quality of these calls is more important than ever. Unfortunately, the technology hasn’t kept up.

VA1200 resolves these common issues

What if you could put on your earbuds and not have to worry about muting yourself because of high background noise?

No passing cars, no wind, no domestic commotion. Just high quality voice with no ambient sound. Vesper Voice Accelerometer does just that.


Open Cavity Structure

The VA1200 is built and designed with the Vesper Piezoelectric Process

  • High immunity to acoustic sound
  • Mechanical Robustness
  • Easy to integrate
  • Scalable for Combo Sensors

Vesper OnePlusOne Voice is the Solution

Vesper OnePlusOne is the combination of one microphone plus one voice accelerometer and a fusion library.

This “turn key” solution and architecture is already supported by the largest Bluetooth chipset, partners and leaders in the TWS market.

Vesper OnePlusOne outperforms the traditional beam-forming architecture with two external microphones.

Target Application

VA1200 helps to reduce the form factor of the application without compromising acoustic performance.

  • True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
  • Wireless Earbuds
  • Smart Frame/Glasses

Technical Specifications

VA1200 is first world’s Analog Piezoelectric MEMS Voice Accelerometer


  • MEMS Bone Sensor with superior background and wind noise reduction
  • Small Footprint – 2.9mm x 2.76 mm x 0.9mm
  • High Frequency Bandwidth for user voice pickup
  • Single Ended Analog Output
  • Low Power
  • Robust to Mechanical Shock
  • Support Vesper OnePlusOne architecture