Most reliable MEMS microphones for far-field arrays


Build the most accurate and yet reliable microphone arrays for any voice enabled product.

Smart home and IoT products are equipped with microphone arrays that require well matched microphones for superior acoustic performance in noisy environments. These products need to last several years and still be able to provide consistent audio performance. Capacitive MEMS microphones become unstable over time as environmental contaminants drift the performance of the arrays. Vesper’s VM1001 offers tight sensitivity matching and guaranteed phase matching that allows to build high performance arrays suitable for voice applications where low noise, high stability and high fidelity audio capture is a must. Thanks to the single layer mechanical construction of Piezoelectric MEMS, acoustic characteristics of VM1001 are also preserved over time making them a smart choice for microphone arrays.

Robust and Reliable

VM1001 is the most robust and reliable MEMS microphone for consumer products with microphone arrays.

It is natively immune to environmental contaminants such as water, dust, moisture, kitchen oil etc. This means the microphone arrays will always stay in sync to ensure consistent beamforming performance. Whether its a Smart speaker used in kitchen or an outdoor security camera, VM1001 is a microphone you can count on for accurate speech recognition performance using microphone arrays.

See a demo of our Piezoelectric MEMS microphone immersed in water


Environmental Robustness

Stress Test Description
Water Immersion: IPX7; 2 hours drying time, dry environment
Dust Resistance: IP5X

Technical Specifications

VM1001 is an omnidirectional, single-ended analog output MEMS microphone.


  • Ultra-low noise, bottom-port
  • +/- 1 dB sensitivity matching
  • Low part-to-part variation
  • Durable piezoelectric MEMS construction with IP57 rating
  • Drop-in replacement for existing capacitive MEMS microphones
  • Small size:3.76 mm X 2.95 mm X 1.3 mm package

Exceptionally Stable far-field arrays

Consumers want to control their devices from across the room using voice

They want to have far-field voice control enabled on their smart home and IoT devices. It is far-field audio applications like these that are making microphone arrays so popular, but there’s a problem: Microphone arrays require microphones that are carefully matched in terms of phase and sensitivity. From wall powered smart speakers and appliances to smart earbuds used in the outdoor , microphone arrays always need to provide accurate speech recognition in harsh environmental conditions.

Here again, capacitive MEMS microphones fail. Once they leave the factory floor, they are prone to “drift,” so their performance is unstable. Even with a calibrated system, their vulnerability to clog up with dust, dirt and moisture would make that calibration invalid after some time. With a robust piezoelectric MEMS construction and a much simpler manufacturing process , VM1001 ensures that phase and sensitivity are well matched even in harsh environments to meet the needs of voice enabled products.

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