Vesper VM2020



World’s Only MEMS Microphone Designed For Loud Environments 

High fidelity audio capture even at extremely high sound pressure levels

Microphones are often exposed to loud sounds either due to music playback from a nearby loudspeaker or from heavy industrial equipment or other environmental noises. For example, a smart speaker can play music as loud as 150 dB SPL at its high volume setting. With a capacitive MEMS microphone, speech recognition accuracy takes a hit since the microphone next to the speaker can saturate even before listening to the user. Capacitive microphones can only go up to low 130 dB before introducing significant distortions. Even with headsets and hearable with active noise cancellation , the signal at the capacitive microphone can be clipped in the presence of high wind noise. Vesper has a unique solution in its VM2020 piezoelectric microphone for these impossible challenges to solve otherwise.

Our new VM2020 microphone is linear until high sound pressures with an ultra-high Acoustic Overload Point (AOP) , enabling high quality capture of loud sounds. The microphone is built on our robust piezoelectric MEMS sensor which can sustain sound pressures as high as 170 dB. Together with the ASIC component , VM2020 functions perfectly to 150dB and only hits 10 percent distortion at 152dB. Even when the sound levels go above 152dB the single layer microphone will recover instantaneously. Capacitive MEMS microphones fail way below these sound levels due to excess stress between the plates.

As with all Vesper microphones, the VM2020 solves a critical need for stable, reliable and accurate microphone arrays that operate in environmentally harsh surroundings. All Vesper microphones are natively immune to environmental contaminants such as dust, water, moisture, oil, particulate matter and shock. Vesper microphones are also immune to stiction, which can cause catastrophic system failure.

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See Our VM2020 compared to capacitive MEMS microphone in the back cavity of a Smart speaker


High linearity until loud sound pressure levels, stiction immunity and environmental robustness make VM2020, the only one of its kind in MEMS microphones.

VM2020 Highlights

  • Ultra-high Acoustic Overload Point (AOP)
  • Differential analog output
  • Low part-to-part variation
  • Durable piezoelectric MEMS construction
  • Dust resistance to IP5x
  • Small size:3.76 mm X 2.95 mm X 1.3 mm package
  • Reflow solder-compatible with no sensitivity degradation

Technical Specifications

VM2020 is an omni directional , differential output Piezoelectric MEMS microphone with an ultra-high Acoustic Overload Point


  • Acoustic Overload Point (AOP) = 152 dB
  • Small size: 3.76 mm X 2.95 mm X 1.3 mm package.
  • Reflow solder-compatible with no sensitivity degradation

Looking for a generic differential analog microphone for Speech recognition

Our VM2020 is a piezoelectric MEMS microphone with differential output that makes extremely stable microphone arrays and also robust to environmental contaminants such as dust, water, humidity, oil and particulate matter. As a pure differential microphone, the VM2020 also offers outstanding RF protection and dynamic range. This is especially important when the array is close to a speaker.


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